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Animal Webquests

Freaky Frogs

Decomposers or Destroyers

Coyote the Trickster



Animal Classification

Amazing Animals

Animals with Backbones

Hunt for Raptors
Parade of Penguins
It's a Bug's Life
Shocking Sharks Australian Animals Dolphin-Safe Tuna? Adaptations Adventure Rescuing a Baby Beluga Guinea Pigs
Endangered Species Spineless Animals Gray Whales Whales World KelpbedsK Marine Life Classification


Environmental Webquests

Our Class Webquest

Homeward Bound

Ecoquest Deep in the Forest

Paper or Plastic

Recycle the Earth

Ocean Trouble

Energy Webquest Saving Polluterville
Rainforests Rainforest Mystery Rainforest Vacations? We're Warming Up Going Green


Disaster/Weather Webquests

Are you ready for a disaster?

Disease Disaster

Living with Disaster Help the Hawaiians

When Disaster Strikes


Living with the River

Cloud Quest Are you prepared?
Natural Disasters Raging Waters Environmental Disaster Severe Weather Weather Phenomenon