STUDENT MADE POWERPOINTS: To save a presentation to your computer, click file and save while the presentation is running.

Explorers: Timeline of explorers from the Nomadic Hunters to Lewis and Clark. Collaborative PowerPoint by Class of 02/03

Revolutionary War: Timeline of the events of the Revolutionary War. Collaborative PowerPoint by Class of 03/04.

Rainforest: Collaborative PowerPoint by Andrew, Alisha, Tanner, Vicky and Angela
Friends : PowerPoint by Sammy

New York City : PowerPoint by Devon (2001)

Pets: PowerPoint by Mackenzie and Rebecca (2001) Wolves: PowerPoint by Brittany and Stacy (2001)
Ducks: PowerPoint by Olivia and Crystal (2001) Classmates: PowerPoint by Caitlan (2001) About Poetry : PowerPoint by Heather (2001) Wolves: PowerPoint by Rachael (2003)
Pets : Collaborative PowerPoint by Stacey, Ally, Steven, Kendrik and Daniel
Mammals: Collaborative PowerPoint by Jake, Tyler, Travis, Sammy and Kelly

Lord of the Rings: Collaborative PowerPoint by Andrew, Valerie and Daniel



POWERPOINT GAMES: Game formats to study academic material

Amusement Park Game: Game format to study for test about acceleration and energy

Wolves Jeopardy: Jeopardy game format using wolf trivia

Greenville Squares : Hollywood Squares format using wolf trivia Wolves 20 Questions: 20 questions about wolves


GREENVILLE: Learn about our town



Schoolyard Habitat : View a PowerPoint about the creation of our habitat