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The Three Branches of Government
Learn about the three branches of our government from Time for Kids.

Interactive Electoral College Map
Includes projections for upcoming elections and maps for past elections

History Central
Includes history of Presidential elections. Also, includes electoral votes for each state.

Printable Electoral College Map
Find out how many votes each state is worth
National Archives and Records Administration
Information on the US Electoral College
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Learn about the U.S. Government
How the President Gets Elected
Learn how the President gets elected.
Government Websites
Go to our Government page to learn more about the US Government
Congress for Kids
Learn about elections and take an online quiz to show what you learned.

Social Studies for Kids
Learn how the US Government works.

Learn about the Presidents

How to Win a Class Election
Wiki how-to article giving tips on how to win a class election