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Nursery Rhymes
Nursery rhymes from Colonial times

Colonial Trades
Colonial Williamsburg trades - lists trades and desriptions

Congress for Kids
Links to fun games and activities on the 13 colonies

Colonial Trades
Links to more colonial trades

Toys and Games
Tells about toys and games in Colonial Maryland

Colonial Clothing
Tells what people wore in Colonial Williamsburg

More about colonial clothing

13 Colonies Blog
Created by Mrs. Abernethy's Techno Tigers
Interactive History
Interact with Colonial America. What if you lived...
Colonial Kids
Learn all about the life of colonial children
13 Colonies Map
Interactive Map of the colonies (Use to research bag items)



Mrs. A's Video
A video made by our teacher about the Lost Colony of Roanoke.
Coastal Guide
Eric Hause provides information about the Lost Colony of Roanoke
The Shadowlands
Includes five popular theories about the lost colony
The History Channel
A short video explaining the Lost Colony including theories.
A Mystery in History
Contains mystery, history, and much more.
Kid Info
Lots of great information
National Center
Information based on Ralph Lane's report of the incident to Sir Walter Raleigh in 1586



13 Colonies Map
Interactive Map - Use for bag research and to label map - Also includes Economy (Industry) and Founding information
13 Originals
Summary of each of the colonies (bag research)
Mr. Nussbaum
Use to research colonial trades and more. Info on all the colonies.
Use this site to research religion in each region (Scroll down to description of religion in each region)
Use this site to research geography of each region
Use this site to research slavery in the colonies (Also use SS book p. 237)
Map Maker
Make your own 13 colonies interactive map. This is the tutorial.



American Revolution
Sites devoted to the American Revolution

Zoom School
Puzzles, activities and more devoted to our United States of America

PBS Colonial House
This site has panoramic views of the colonial village homes and scenery. Meet the colonists and explore their laws and their way of life.
Mayflower Webpage
Learn all about the Mayflower. Read passenger lists, see the Mayflower Compact and more.
American History
Portraits of early Americans and history of the building of our nation

The History Place
More American History

Colonial America Movies
Movies about the 13 colonies (Includes a video about Ben Franklin)


America's Story
Use this site to learn all about life in early America. Lots of stories about our country and famous people in our past.
A Colonial Family and Community
Be a historical detective. Using primary documents, uncover information about the life and community of the Daggetts of northeastern Connecticut in the 1700s.
The First Thanksgiving
An online activity teaching students about the first Thanksgiving
The First Thanksgiving
An interactive activity exploring the first Thanksgiving